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Cyrk; Klown z proca
Circus; Clown
with the sling
Jan Młodożeniec
circus; 2015R; size A1
price: 50 €

Cyrk; Widownia
Circus; Audience
Jan Sawka
circus, 1979R, size B1
price 145 €

Cyrk; kobieta guma
Circus; Woman
Jerzy Czerniawski
size B1
1973 – price: 120 €
1978R – price: 30 €

Cyrk; Konik z kwiatkiem
Circus; Horse with flower
Jerzy Czerniawski
1978R; size B1
price: 120 €

Cyrk; akrobatka na koniu
Circus; acrobat on horse
Maciej Urbaniec
circus; 1973; size B1
price: 163 €

Cyrk; akrobatka
na trapezie
Circus; acrobat
on trapeze
Maciej Urbaniec
circus; size B1
price: 300 €

Cyrk radziecki
The Soviet circus
Waldemar Swierzy
circus; 1962; size B1
price: 375 €

Cyrk, Swierzy
Circus; Portrait of Swierzy
Andrzej Pagowski
circus, 1977, size B1
price: 75 €

Cyrk; widownia
Circus Audience
Boguslaw Lustyk
circus; 1979; size B1
price: 90 €

circus zebra hubert-hilscher

Cyrk; Zebra
Circus; Zebra
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2017R; size A1
price: 28 €

circus jaguar and parrot, jaguar i papuga, hubert-hilscher

Cyrk; Jaguar i papuga
Circus; Jaguar and parrot
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2017R; size A1
price: 28 €

Cyrk; latająca kobieta
Circus; Flying woman
Witold Janowski
size B1
1973 – price: 200 €
1978R – price: 75 €

circus posters:   1   2   3   4   5

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