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   Hubert Hilscher Born in 1924 in Warsaw. During the II World War, he was a soldier, fighting in Warsaw Uprising. He studied in the years 1949-1955, on Graphic Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He obtained his diploma under the guidance of prof. Tadeusz Kulisiewicz. Specialized in graphics, posters, book illustrations and logotypes. Creator of expression and humorous series of circus posters. Recipient of numerous awards: Honorable mention in international Graphic Biennale in Ljubljana in 1964; Silver medal in the International Exhibition of Turist Poster in Milan in 1967; 1st prize in the competition for the sign department stors in Downtown in 1967; Second prize at 4 MBP in Lahti in 1981; many awards in competition for best Warsaw Poster. He passed away in 1999 in Warsaw.

Hilscher posters:

semaine culturelle polonaise

Tydzien Kultury Polskiej
Semaine Culturelle Polonaise
Polish Culture Week
Hubert Hilscher
promotion; 1970; size B1
price: 250 €

Cyrk; lew w koronie
Circus; Crowned Lion
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 1979R; size B1
price: 50 €
linenback - price: 88 €

Cyrk; Jaguar i papuga
Circus; Jaguar and parrot
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2017R; size A1
price: 28 €

Cyrk; Zebra
Circus; Zebra
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2017R; size A1
price: 28 €

poster fly by lot, hubert hilscher

Fly by LOT
Hubert Hilscher
promotion; 2022R; size B1
price: 48 €

Cyrk; Gwiazdy areny
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 1970; size B1
price: 300 €

Najlepszy plakat Warszawy
The best poster in Warsaw
Hubert Hilscher
exhibition; 1985; size B1
price: 125 €

plakat-normalizacja-to-oszczednosc-materialu, hubert-hilscher

Normalizacja to
oszczednosc materialu
Standardisation Saves Material
Hubert Hilscher
social; 1955; size A1
price: 250 €

jesienne salony paryskie

Jesienne Salony Paryskie
Autumn Paris Salons
Hubert Hilscher
exhibition; 1970; size B1
price: 225 €

 Warszawska jesien
Warsaw atumn
Hubert Hilscher
music; 1984; size B1
price: 225 €

wczasy trwaja caly rok

Wczasy trwaja caly rok
Holidays last a whole year
Hubert Hilscher
promotion, 1955;
size A1
price: 875 €

Wielki Fryderyk
Great Frederic
Nowaczyński A.
Hubert Hilscher
theater; 1977; size A1
price: 110 €

poster jazz jamboree 72 hubert-hilscher

Jazz Jamboree 72
Hubert Hilscher
jazz; 2022R; size B1
price: 48 €

teatr na targowku

Teatr na Targowku 1975-1985
Theatre on Targowek 1975-1985
Hubert Hilscher
theater; 1985; size B1

krolewna sniezka

Cyrk Wielki;  Krolewna Sniezka
i 7 krasnoludków
Great Circus; Snow White and
the Seven Dwarfs
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 1956; size 1/2 B1
price: 450 €

poster circus lion, cyrk lew, hubert-hilscher

Cyrk; lew do gory nogami
Circus; Lion Upside Down
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2022R; size B1

price: 48 €

circus-tiger cyrk-tygrys hubert-hilscher

Cyrk; Tygrys
Circus; Tiger

Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2020R; size B1
 price: 48 €

Cyrk; lisciasty lew
Circus; Leafy Lion
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2023R; size B1

price: 48 €

poster circus tiger on a wheel, tygrys na kole, hubert hilscher

Cyrk; tygrys na kole
Circus; Tiger on a Wheel
Hubert Hilscher
circus; 2023R; size B1

price: 48 €

uprawiaj sporty zimowe

Uprawiaj sporty zimowe
Do winter sports
Hubert Hilscher
sport; 1970; size B1
price: 400 €

poster leopard, lampart, huber hilscher

The Leopard
Hubert Hilscher
2023R; size B1

price: 48 €

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