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   Waldemar Swierzy (09.09.1931 - 27.11.2013). Born in Katowice. Graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts (Dept. of Graphic Art in Katowice). Obtained his diploma in 1952. Specialized in poster and all forms of commercial graphic (book covers, stamps, CD covers). Individual shows: Vienna, Moscow, Poznań, Sao Paulo, Caracas, Wrocław. He designed his first poster in 1950. Worked as professor at the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts.
   Major Awards: Grand Prix Tolouse-Lautrec, Paris (1959); Hollywood Reporters Awards for the poster (1975 and 1985); Gold Medal International Biennial of Posters in Warsaw (1976); 1st Prize at the 2nd International Biennial of Posters in Lahti, Finland (1977); Gold and Bronze Medal at the International Jazz Salon "Jazzpo'' (1985); Gold Medal at the Polish Poster Biennial, Katowice (Poland) (1989); He was a member of the elitist Aliance Graphique International (AGI). Chairman of the Jury at the Warsaw Poster Biennal.

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Nocny kowboj
Midnight Cowboy
Schlesinger J.
Hoffman D. Voight J.
Waldemar Swierzy
 movie, US; size A1
1973 - price: 5000 €

Waldemar Swierzy
theater; 1987; size B1
price: 75 €

Cadet Rousselle
A. Bourvil Perier F.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; size A1; 1958
price: 400 €

Hudson H.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 1984; size B1
price: 145 €

Zlota karoca
Golden Coach, The
(La carozza d' oro)
Renoir J. Magnani A.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; size A1; 1956
price: 1000 €

Herbaciarnia pod
Teahouse of the
August Moon
Mann D. Ford G.
Brando M.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 1964; 1/2 A1
price: 1750 €

kwiaty dla warszawy

Kwiaty dla Warszawy
Flowers for Warsaw
Waldemar Swierzy
exhibition; 1965; size B1
price: 450 €

poster blow up, powiekszenie, swierzy

Michelangelo Antonioni
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 2021R; size B1
price: 38 €

Na barykadach Hamburga
Ernst Thalmann - Sohn seiner Klasse
Maetzig K.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; size A1; 1954
price: 500 €

Ars Erotica
Waldemar Swierzy
exhibition; 1994; size B1

price: 225 €

zachodzacego słonca
Sunset Blvd.
Wilder B., Swanson G.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 2020R; size A1
price: 38 €

Wajda A., Zietek E.
Olbrychski D.
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 1972; size A1
price: 225€

Jan Paweł II
Papiez - Pielgrzym
John Paul II
Pope - Pilgrim
Waldemar Swierzy
exhibition; 1991
price: 45 €

Laureaci VI Miedzynarodowego Biennale Plakatu
Waldemar Swierzy
exhibit; 1978; size B1
price: 100 €

liga dzentelmenow

Liga dzentelmenow
The League of Gentelmen
Dearden B.
Waldemar Swierzy
British movie; 1961; size A1
price: 300 €

Gogol N.
Waldemar Swierzy
theater; 2009; size B1
price: 25 €

matka joanna od aniolow

Matka Joanna od aniolow
Mother Joanna of the Angels
Kawalerowicz J.
Waldemar Swierzy
Polish movie; 1979; size A1
price: 225 €

pan wolodyjowski

Pan Wolodyjowski
Colonel Wolodyjowski
Hoffman J.

Waldemar Swierzy
Polish movie; 1969; size A1
price: 375 €


The Subtenant
Majewski J.

Waldemar Swierzy
Polish movie; 1966; size A1
price: 350 €

Maryla Rodowicz
Waldemar Swierzy
1978; size B1
price: 60 €

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