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   Maciej Hibner Born in 1931 in Warsaw. Studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1955 he obtained diploma under the guidance of prof. Józef Mroszczak. Polish graphic designer and posters creator. On of the characters who created Polish School of Posters. 

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Jak ukrasc milion dolarow
How to Steal a Million
Wyler W. Hepburn A.
O'Toole P.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1968; A1
price: 450 €

Strzaly o zmierzchu
Ride the Hihg Country
Peckinpah S.
MacRea J. Scott R.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1968; size A1
price: 325 €

Lemoniadowy Joe
Lemonade Joe
Lipsky O.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1965; size A1
price: 375 €

Wielki skok
Les gros coup
Big jump
Valer J.
Maciej Hibner
movie; size A1
price: 300 €

Pluton 317
La 317e section
Platoon 317
Schoendoerffer P.
Maciej Hibner
movie; size A1
price: 50 €

deVille M. Deneuve C.
Maciej Hibner
movie; size A1
price: 175 €

Abel Twój Brat
Abel Your Brother
Nasfeter J.
Maciej Hibner
movie, 197?; size A1
price: 150 €

Teresa Raquin
Carne M.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1959, size A1
price: 200 €

Idiot, The
Pyriew I.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1958; size A1
price: 700 €

Pułapka; Trap
Piotrowski A.
Kopiczyński A.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1971; size A1
price:  175 €

Buczkowski L., Prucnal A.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1963; size A1

price: 375 €

Bal manekinów
Jasienski B.
Maciej Hibner
2010; theater; size B1
price: 30 €

Kobiety nie bij nawet
Żenu ani kvetinou
Podskalsky Z.
Maciej Hibner
movie,1966; size A1
price: 300 €

Hibner posters:  1   2

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