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established in 1975

posters for sale
   We offer over 2000 titles of Polish art posters for sale. They are vintage and contemporary, original posters designed for movie, theater and music events. The list of artists includes the most famous graphic designers: Cieslewicz, Czerniawski, Stasys, Gorowski, Klimowski, Lenica, Mlodozeniec, Olbinski, Pagowski, Rosocha, Sadowski, Sawka, Starowieyski, Swierzy, Tomaszewski, Urbaniec, Walkuski and others.

poster collection
   Apart from the selling stock our gallery handles a large collection of Polish art posters which consists of ca. 5000 titles designed by post-war designers. The collection includes movie posters, theater, music or so to speak in general: 'cultural' posters. Since 1990 we've organized numerous exhibitions of Polish posters in Poland and abroad, among them: Arhus (Denmark) 1990, 'Nowy' Theater in Warsaw 1991, Kopenhagen (Denmark) 1992, Budapest (Hungary) 1993, Cracow (Poland) 1996, Toronto (Canada), Jazz Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia) 2001, Georgia, Brussels 2004, Ringsted (Denmark); Torun, Warsaw (Poland) 2005.

poster design - poster publishing
   We offer our services in poster design and print. Acting as a liaison between the artists and poster commissioners we've contributed to creation of such splendid artworks as: 'Makbet' by Lenica, 'Festival of Spanish Culture by Gorowski, 'Caligula' and 'Zmowa Swietoszkow' by Walkuski, 'Ball in Savoy' and 'Satiricon 95' by Czerniawski, to mention only a few.

The Gallery is open daily:
from 11 p.m. to 8 p.m.
(Sunday - Thursday),
from 11 p.m. to 9 p.m.
(Friday - Saturday)

Our address:
Galeria Plakatu, Piwna 28/30, 00-265 Warszawa, Polska

phone: (0048) 516830525
e-mail: warsaw@poster.com.pl

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