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Niebo bez krat
Cerul n-are gratii
The sky without bars
Francisc Munteanu
Maciej Hibner
movie; 196?; size A1

price: 200 €

Tajemnicza Irma Vep
The Mystery of Irma Vep
Charles Ludlam
Maciej Hibner
theater; 2009; size B1
price: 30 €

poster Don Quixote's Chirdlen, dzieci don kichota, maciej hibner

Dzieci Don Kichota
Don Quixote's Chirdlen
Maciej Hibner
Soviet movie; 1965; size A1
price:  250 €

Poland Sopot
Maciej Hibner
promotion, 2019R
price: 38 €

Ruchome piaski
Ślesicki W., Walczewski M.
Zuchowicz G.
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1968; size A1
price: 150 €

Polish Airlines "LOT"
Maciej Hibner
promotion; 2017R; size B1
price: 38 €


Eduardo de Filippo
Maciej Hibner
Italian movie; 1958; size A1

price: 300 €

poster hogo-fogo-homolka maciej-hibner

Hogo Fogo Homolka
Papousek J.
Maciej Hibner
Czechoslovak movie; 1970
size A1
price: 90 €

poster not-on-your-life kat maciej-hibner

Not On Your Life
El Verdugo
Berlanga L. G.
Maciej Hibner
Spanish movie; 1963; size A1
price: 100 €


Jacques Demy
Maciej Hibner
French movie; 1967; size A1
price: 600 €
2019R; price 38

metna woda

Mętna woda
Murky Water
Frigyes Ban
Maciej Hibner
Hungarian movie; 1967; size A1

price: 100 €

ostatni mohikanin

Ostatni Mohikanin
The Last of the Mohicans
Harald Reinl
Maciej Hibner
movie; 1966; size A1
price: 250 €

piekno i bol

Piękno i ból
With Beauty and Sorrow
Masahiro Shinoda
Maciej Hibner
Japanese movie; 1967; size A1
price: 350 €

tora tora tora

Tora! Tora! Tora!
Richard Fleischer
Maciej Hibner
Japanese movie; 1972; size A1
price: 200 €

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