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   Wieslaw Walkuski was born in 1956 in Bialystok, Poland. In years 1976 - 1981 he studied at the Warsaw Academy of Arts instructed by professors: Maciej Urbaniec - poster design and Teresa P±gowska - painting. In 1981 as a poster designer he started to cooperate with Poland's largest film distributor of the 1980's, Polfilm as well as Film Polski (Polish film exporter), Visual Studio publisher, numerous theaters. He also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for several publishing houses. Since 1987 he has been working as a freelancer.
   Today, Wieslaw Walkuski has more than 200 posters to his name. He continues his work as a poster designer, an illustrator and a painter. His works are presented at major Polish and international poster exhibitions. He is ranked as one of the most outstanding poster artists today. Wieslaw Walkuski lives and works in Warsaw.

    Among his numerous awards are:
  • National ''Ideas of Solidarity'' competition,
    Warsaw, 1981 - 3rd prize;
  • Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards,
    Los Angeles, 1988 - 1st prize, 1990 - 2nd prize;
  • International Movie Festival,
    Chicago, 1986 - 1st prize, 1983, 1988 - 2nd prize;
  • International Poster Biennial
    Mexico City, 1990 -2nd prize;
  • International Art Directors Club Exhibition,
    New York, 1992 - 2nd prize;
  • 1992 - Laterna Magica prize;
  • International Theater Poster Biennial,
    Rzeszow (Poland), 1993 - 3rd prize;
  • International Poster Festival
    Chaumont (France), 1996 - 3rd prize;
  • III-rd International Theater Poster Competition,
    Osnabrück (Germany), 1997 - 3rd prize;
  • National ''20-th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II Pontificate'' Competition (by invitation), Warsaw, 1998 - 1st prize.
  • Biennial of Polish Poster,Katowice (Poland),
    1995 - Polish Artists Assotiation prize,
    1997 - Grand Prix, 2001 - 2nd prize;
walkuski cover design for Marvel Comics Punisher
cover design for Marvel Comics


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