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   Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004); Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 1952. Since 50-ties worked for Poland's largest publishing houses and film distributors: RSW "Prasa", "WAG", "CWF". For many years visiting professor at numerous artistic academies in Mexico.
   Major awards: 2
nd Prize in national competition for "6 Year Plan" poster, 1949; 2nd Prize at International Film Poster Competition, Karlove Vary, 1962; 1st Prize at International Competition of Touristic Posters, Berlin, 1967; Silver Medal at 2nd Biennial of Polish Poster, Katowice, 1967; The Jose Guadelupe Posada Merit Award at 6th International Biennial in Mexico, 2000.

Wiktor Gorka
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Kabaret, Cabaret
B. Fosse, L. Minelli
Wiktor Gorka
movie, size A1, B1
1973 – price 2500 €
1973R – price: 100 €

Wojna i pokoj
War and Peace
Vidor K. Hepburn A.
Ferrer M. Fonda H.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, US; 1961; size A1
price: 875 €

Kubrick S. Douglas K.
Oliver L. Ustinov P.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, US; 1970; size A1
price: 360 €

Królowe Dzikiego
Les Petroleuses

Queens of The Wild West
Wiktor Gorka
movie; size A1; 1973
price: 625 €

Różewicz S., Gliński W.
Horawianka B.
Wiktor Gorka
movie; 1964; size A1 
price: 150 

Ostatni świadek
The last witness
Batory J., Mikulski S.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, 1969; size A1

Wezwanie; Call
Solarz W., Kotys R.
Wiktor Gorka
movie,1971; size A1

Jak daleko stąd jak blisko 
As far away as close to
Konwicki T., Łapicki A.
Wiktor Gorka
movie; size A1; 1971
price: 150 

Porwanie dziewic
Rapirea fecioarelor
The kidnapping of virgins
Dinu Cocea
Wiktor Gorka
movie; 196?; size A1

Dwoje na hustawce
Two for the Seesaw
Wise R. Mac Lane S.
Mitchum R.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, US; 1970; size A1
price: 375 €

Szpinak czyni cuda
Nice Plate of Spinach, A
Coz takhle dát si spenát
Vorlicek V.
Wiktor Gorka
czech movie
1978; size A1
price: 60 €

Wiktor Górka
czyli taaaka ryba
Wiktor Gorka

Pętla urwie Ci nogę!
The loop
will break your leg!
Wiktor Górka
work safety; 1957
small size
price: 375 €

Nieproszeni Goscie
Uninvited guests
Wiktor Gorka
movie, Georgia
1977; size A1
price: 75 €

Dzieci lwicy z buszu
Living free
Couffer J.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, UK; 1974; size A1
price: 75 €

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