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   Jan Sawka (1946-2012)

Graduated from Institute of Technology in Wroclaw (architectural engineering 1972) and Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw (painting and printmaking 1972). Began designing in 1969. From 1970 freelance artist and graphic designer. Moved to France in 1976, then to the US in 1977.

Jan Sawka has designed for the Wroclaw Jazz Festival, Bam Art Center, New York Times, Harold Clurman Theater, Samuel Beckett Theater, Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, Grateful Dead (American rock band) and NASA.
He has lectured at the universities and museums throughout the world.

Major awards: 1975 – Oscar de la Peinture award and the special prize of the President of France, 1978 – 1st Prize, 7th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw (Poland), 1994 – Japanese Cultural Agency Award, Tokyo (Japan), 1995 – Award of Merit, 9th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), 2003 – Gold Medal in Multimedia, 4th International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, (Italy), 2011 – American Institute of Architects Excellence in Architecture Design Award for Peace Monument and Complex - Jerusalem.

Jan Sawka poster prices

Zachlanne miasto; Fat City
Huston J. Keach S.
 Bridges J.
Jan Sawka
movie; 1975; size A1
price: 150 € 

Jan Sawka posters
exhibition in NYC
Jan Sawka
1980; size B1
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Lato młodziezy
Youth's Summer
Jan Sawka
promotion; size B1

Książki pod choinkę
Jan Sawka
promotion; 1974
price: 225 €

Expo Sevilla
Jan Sawka
event 1992; size B1
price: 20 €

Jan Sawka
1975; size B1

Cyrk; Widownia
Circus audience
Jan Sawka
1979R; size B1
price: 145 €

Urodziny Matyldy
Matilda's Birthday
Jan Sawka
movie; 1974; size A1
price: 50 €

Jazz nad Odrą 1972
Jazz on the Odra
Festival 1972
Jan Sawka
1979R; size B1
price: 50 €

poster jazz-nad-odra-74 jan-sawka

Jazz nad Odrą 1974
Jazz on the Odra
Festival 1974
Jan Sawka
 size B1
1974 - price: 150 €
1979R - price: 40 €

Jazz nad Odrą 1977
Jazz on the Odra
Festival 1977
Jan Sawka
 size B1
1977 - price: 150 €
1979R - price: 40 €

Bukowski M.
Jan Sawka
theater; 1997; size B1
price: 65 €

Laureaci VII Miedzynarodowego
Biennale Plakatu
The Winners of The VII International
Biennial of The Poster
Jan Sawka
event; 1979; size B1
price: 100 €

Pacjenci; Patients
Michail Bulgakov
Jan Sawka
theater; 1976; size B1
price: 100 €

Rycerz Andrzej
Knight Andrew
Kajzer H.
Jan Sawka
theater; 1974
price: 150 €

STU Theatre
Cracovia, Poland
Jan Sawka
theater; 1974; size B1
price: 150 €

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