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Jerzy Treutler  Born in 1931 in Beszyn, died on December 11th 2020. He studied on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He obtained his dimploma under the guidance of prof. Tadeusz Kulisiewicz. Graphic and poster designer, author of many book covers. In 2012, thanks to Twarda Sztuka Foundation, his works were shown in London Kemistry Gallery.

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Ford J. Wayne J.
Jerzy Treutler
movie; size A1; 1961
price: 360 €

The Falcons
Istvan Gaal
Jerzy Treutler
movie, 1970; size A1
price: 175 €

Taka ładna dziewczyna
Une belle fille comme moi
Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me
Truffaut F.
Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1974, size A1
price: 175 €

Ostatni wojownik
Reed C. Queen A.
Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1972; size A1
price: 240 €

Pies za burtą
Dog overboard
Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1974
price: 100 €

Zwariowane lotnisko
Crazy airport
Jerzy Treutler
russian movie
1962; size A1

price: 200 €

Żegnajcie przyjaciele
Sbogom, priyateli!
Goodbye friends!
Borislav Sharaliev
Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1970; size A1
price: 50 €

Pięć łatwych utworów
Five easy pieces
Rafelson B. Nicholson J.
Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1974; size A1
price: 300 €

Cyrk; pies z gitarą
Circus; dog with guitar
Jerzy Treutler
1970; size B1
price: 175 €

Cyrk; Akrobata
Circus; The Acrobat
Jerzy Treutler
1974; size B1
price: 300 €

Międzynarodowe zawody narciarskie
International skiing
Jerzy Treutler
sport; size B1
price: 375 €

Jerzy Treutler
movie; 1972; size A1
price: 450 €

Treutler posters:  1  2  3

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