8. Festiwal Himilsbacha
8 th Festival of Himilsbach
Wiesław Wałkuski
2016; size B1
price: 30 €

9. Festiwal Piotra Skrzyneckiego
9 th Festival of Piotr Skrzynecki
Wiesław Wałkuski
2017; size B1
price: 30 €

Hommage a Vincent
Jan Mlodozeniec
price: 138 €

hommage a salvador dali

Hommage a Salvador Dali
Tribute to Salvador Dali
Wiesław Wałkuski
2000; B1
signed by author
price: 100 €

Mieczyslaw Gorowski
1992; size B1
price: 45 €

poster irena krzywicka wielcy i niewielcy, ryszard kajzer

Irena Krzywicka
Wielcy i niewielcy
Ryszard Kajzer
2010; size B1
price: 45 €

poster charlie-chaplin, pawel-sky

Charlie Chaplin
Pawel Sky
commemorative; design 2021
size 20x30 - price: 10 €
size B1 - price: 38 €
signed by artist

Krzysztof Penderecki
Patrycja Longawa
 2023R; size B1
price: 63 €

hommage a fellini

Hommage a Fellini
Tribute to Fellini
Wiktor Sadowski
2000; size B1
price: 45 €

hommage a chagall

Hommage a Chagall
Tribute to Chagall
Mieczysław Górowski
1994; size B1
price: 40 €

hommage a vincent

Hommage a Vincent
Tribute to Vincent
Mieczysław Górowski
1990; B1
price: 350 €

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