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   Andrzej Klimowski Born in 1949 in London. Studied painting at St.Martin's School of Art, London and poster design at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Senior Tutor in Illustration at the Royal College of Art. Cooperates with several theaters and publishers. Lives and works in London. Third prize at International Film Poster Competition, Los Angeles, USA, 1977.

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Altman R.
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; size A1
1976 - price: 350
197?R price: 175

klimowski poster

Glengarry Glen Ross
Mamet David
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 2004; size B1
price: 45

poster scent of woman, zapach kobiety, andrzej klimowski

Zapach kobiety
Profumo di donna
Scent of Woman
Dino Risi
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; 1976; size A1
price: 200

poster taxi-driver taksowkarz andrzej-klimowski

Taxi Driver
Martin Scorsese
Andrzej Klimowski

movie; 2020R; size B1
price: 48

klimowski poster

Instytut  Benjamenta
Institute Benjamenta
Stephen and Timothy Quay
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; 1997; size B1
price: 120

omen movie poster

The Omen
R. Donner
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; 1977; size B1

poster remi dzin, andrzej klimowski

Remi Dzin
Coburn D.L.
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 1979; size B1
price: 75

poster magic afternoon, andrzej klimowski

Magic Afternoon
Bauer W.
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 1979; size B1
price: 120

poster simpatico, andrzej klimowski

Shepard S.
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 1999; size B1
price: 40

poster ludzie godni szacunku, andrzej klimowski

Ludzie godni szacunku
The Masters
Gente di rispetto
Zampa L. O'Neil J.
Nero F. Mason J.
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; 1975; size A1
price: 88

poster day of dolphin, dzien delfina, andrzej klimowski

Dzien delfina
The Day of Dolphin
Nichols M.
Andrzej Klimowski
movie; 1977; size A1
price: 95

poster life is dream, zycie jest snem, andrzej klimowski

Zycie jest snem
Life is a Dream
Calderon de la Barca
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 2013; size B1
price: 40

poster czas i pokoj, time and peace, andrzej klimowski

Czas i pokoj
Die Zeit und das Zimmer
Time and peace
B. Straus
Andrzej Klimowski
theater; 1991; size B1
price: 200

poster special section, sekcja specjalna, andrzej klimowski

Sekcja specjalna
Section speciale
Special Section
Andrzej Klimowski
movie, FRA/ITA/RFN; 1976; size A1
price: 200

poster Illustrious Corpses, szacowni nieboszczycy andrzej klimowski

Szacowni nieboszczycy
Cadaveri eccellenti
Illustrious Corpses
Francesco Rosi
Andrzej Klimowski
movie, Italy; 1977; size A1
price: 88

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