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   Jerzy Flisak Born in 1930 in Warsaw. Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology (department: Architecture). Obtained his diploma in 1953. Specialized mostly in satirical illustrations, but also in poster and stage design. Worked as a graphic editor in "Szpilki" magazine. The winner of many major awards including Art Directors Club's for poster "Najemny morderca" (1962) and Minister of Art and Culture's for satirical work (1961).
  He died in 2008.

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Kalnyn R.
Jerzy Flisak
  movie, Russia; 1977, size A1
price: 200 €

Rzymskie wakacje
Roman Holiday
Wyler W., Peck G,
Hepburn A.
Jerzy Flisak
movie; 2021R; size A1
price: 48 €

Cyrk stracencow
Gypsy Moths, The
Frankenheimer J.
Kerr D. Lancaster B.
Hackman G.
Jerzy Flisak
 movie, US; 1971, size A1
price: 300 €  

Dekada Strachu
Ten Days Wonder
Dιcade prodigieuse, La
Chabrol C.
Welles O. Perkins A.
Jerzy Flisak
  movie, France; 1973, size A1
price: 200 €

Dziesieciu malych Indian
Ten Little Indians
Pollock G.
Jerzy Flisak
movie; 1968; size A1
price: 200 €

Visitors, The
Kazan E.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, US; 1973; size: A1
price: 220 €

Kiedy legendy umieraja
When the Legends Die
Millar S. Widmark R.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, US; 1974; size A1
price: 150 €

Konie Valdeza
The Valdez Horses
Sturges J. Bronson Ch.
De Laurentis D.
Jerzy Flisak
movie Spain-Italy-France
1973; size A1
price: 150 €

Lady Caroline Lamb
Bolt R. Chamberlain R.
Oliver L.
Jerzy Flisak
movie; 1974; B1
price: 120 €

Mania Wielkosci
Folie des grandeurs, La
Oury G. De Funes,
Montand I.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, France; size A1
price: 250 €

Orzel w klatce
Eagle in a Cage
Cook F. Richardson R.
Gielgud J.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, US; 1971; size A1
price: 150 €

Ostatni pociag z Gun Hill
Last Train from Gun Hill
Sturges J., Douglas K.,
Quinn A.
Jerzy Flisak
movie; 1974; size A1
price: 300 €

Ostatnie zadanie
Last detail, The
Ashby H. Nicholson J.
Allen N.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, US; 1976; size A1
price: 170 €

Portret rodzinny we wnκtrzu
Conversation Piece
Gruppo di famiglia
in uno interon
Visconti L. Lancaster B.
Jerzy Flisak
movie, Italia; 1974; size A1
price: 180 €

Powrot Robin Hooda
Robin and Marian
Lester R. Hepburn A.
Connery S.
Jerzy Flisak
movie; 1977; size A1
price: 145 €

Rodzinny gang
Grande scrofa nera, La
Ottoni F. Rabal F.
Volonte C.
Jerzy Flisak
 movie, Italia; 1974; size A1
price: 300 €

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