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Death Kit - Rosocha

Zestaw podróżny do śmierci
Death Kit
Susan Sontag
Wieslaw Rosocha
theater; 1994; size B1


Christopher Marlowe
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
theater; 1984; size A1


Robinson Crusoe
Dafoe. D
Wieslaw Walkuski
theater; 1994; size B1

Portret Doriana Graya - Portrait of Dorian Gray - Starowieyski Franciszek

Portret Doriana Graya
Portrait of Dorian Gray
Osborne J.
Starowieyski Franciszek

Ball in Savoy - Pal Abrahan - theater poster

Bal w Sawoju
Ball in Savoy
Pal Abraham
Jerzy Czerniawski
theater; 1992; size B1

Pinter - Old Times - theater poster

Dawne czasy
Old Times
Harold Pinter
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
theater; 1984; size B1

three tall woman - albee - theater poster

Trzy wysokie kobiety
Three Tall Women
Edward Albee
Franciszek Starowieyski
theater; 1996; size B1

Hollywood - Mamet - theater poster

Hollywood Hollywood
David Mamet
Andrzej Pagowski
theater; size B1

Edward II - Marlowe - theater poster

Edward II
Christopher Marlowe
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater; 1986; size B1

Master Class - Terrence McNally - theater poster

Master Class
Terrence McNally
Waldemar Swierzy
theater; 1997; size B1

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