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   Wieslaw Rosocha Born 1945 in Sokolow Podlaski. In 1969-74 studied in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (Dept. of Graphic) He did his diploma under the guidance of prof. Tomaszewski, and afterwards has become an assistant of the professor (1975-78). Since 1979 has been working as freelancer. Specializes in commercial and studio graphic, poster, book illustration etc. He also has become self-publisher of his own works.
   Major awards: 1981 - Special Prize for "Best Book Illustration of a Year" (Warsaw); 1985 - Gold Medal at 6th International Biennial of Posters in Lahti, Finland; 1986 - 1st Prize in Competition for the Best Children's Book of a Year (Warsaw); 1991 - Bronze Medal at International Triennial of Graphic Art in Toyama, Japan; 1992 - Gold Medal at 6th International Exhibition ADC in New York, USA.

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G. Buchner
Wieslaw Rosocha
theater; 1992
price: 60 €
size B1

Umberto Giordano
Wieslaw Rosocha
opera; 1994
price: 25 €
size B1

Czarodziejski flet
Magic Flute
W. A. Mozart
Wieslaw Rosocha
music; 1994
price: 45 €, size B1

II Bydgoski festiwal operowy
2nd Opera Festival
Wieslaw Rosocha
opera; 1995
price: 30 €, size B1

IV Bydgoski festiwal operowy
4th Opera Festival
Wieslaw Rosocha
opera; 1997
price: 30 €, size B1

V Bydgoski Festiwal operowy
5th Bydgoszcz Opera Festival
Wieslaw Rosocha
opera; 1998
price: 30 €
size B1

Kosinski J. ca
Wieslaw Rosocha
self-promotion; 1991
price: 40 €
size B1

Zimowa opowiesc
Winter's Tale
W. Shakespeare
Wieslaw Rosocha
theater; 1994
price: 15 €, size B1

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