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Limited Prints

Wieslaw Rosocha's limited edition Giclèe printings individually signed and numbered by the artist. A giclee (zhee-klay), a French term meaning "fine spray" is an individually produced reproduction done on a special high-resolution, large format printer. Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork and reflect all the hues and tonalieties of the originals. Wieslaw Rosocha' Giclees are limited to 200 copies of each artwork and printed in two sizes: B1, c. 100x70 cm (28x39''), B2, c. 70x50 cm (28x19.5'').

Limited Prints Prices: size B2 - 200 €uro; size B1 - 280 €uro
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Print no. 1

No. 1

Print no. 2

No. 2

Print no. 3

No. 3

Print no. 4

No. 4

Print no. 5

No. 5

Print no. 6

No. 6

Print no. 7

No. 7

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