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   Mieczyslaw Gorowski (1941-2011)

    These posters stimulate people to think, to look for hidden content. People are looking at them and ... they become co-creators. Because the poster is not clear, you have to devote a little time to its interpretation. I, an artist, have made my part, and now the viewer, someone who is obviously not a passive spectator has to activate him/herself intellectually and emotionally to be able to properly read the poster. The viewer has his thoughts on this, on what he/she looks at, and fortunately this is the way it goes.

    Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Since 1966 professor at Cracow's Academy of Fine Arts. Visiting professor at the Design Department of Universite du Quebec Montreal. Conducted design workshops at several universities around the world. Honorary citizen of Ogaki (Japan). Since 1968 he has created over 500 posters, presented on several individual exhibitions and collections in Europe, Canada, United States, Japan and Poland.

    Major awards: First Prize at the exposition of works by laureates of French Government scholarship, Paris, 1978; First Prize at the International Poster Exhibition, Colorado, 1983; Bronze Medal at the 1st International Poster Triennial, Toyama, Japan, 1985; Honorary award by the Art Directors Club of New York, 1987; Honorary award at the International Poster Biennial, Warsaw, 1989; Honorary award at the International Poster Biennial of Lahti, Finland, 1991; First Prize at the International Poster Biennial in Mexico, 1992; Bronze Medal at the 14th National poster Biennial Katowice, Poland, 1995; Master's Eye Award at the International Poster Triennial, Trnava, Slovakia, 2000.

mieczyslaw gorowski poster book
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
Poster book

Don Kichot; Gorowski

Don Kichot 1605-2005
Cervantes M.
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
exhibition; 2005; B1

Kram z piosenkami - Gorowski

Kram z piosenkami
Market of Songs
Schiller L.
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
theater; 1990; size B1

Hommage a Vincent

Hommage a Vincent
Tribute to Van Gogh
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
movie; 1990; size B1


Gounod Ch.
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
opera; 2006; size B1

ptasznik z tyrolu

Ptasznik z Tyrolu
The Bird Seller
Der Vogelhndler
Zeller K.
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
opera; 2007; size B1

golem - gorowski

The Golem by Julia Pascal
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
theater; 2003; size B1

Makbet - Gorowski

Verdi G.
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
opera poster; 2002; B1

Polnische Filmwoche; Gorowski

Polnische Filmwoche
Polish Film Week
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
event; 2006; B1

poster - picasso - gorowski

Mieczyslaw Gorowski
commemorative; 1992, 1996R; size B1

poster - dico cracovia 1995 - gorowski

Dico Cracovia
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
event; 1995; size B1

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