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Miroslaw Lakomski  Born in 1950. Polish painter, graphic and poster designer. He organize 15 individual and 70 group exhibitions. Lakomski designed and publisded about 100 film and theater posters. He creates books and records covers and graphic symbols. His profession and passion for fine arts was taught to him by Waclaw Polakowski who lead in the 60's and 70's Art Center at the P這ck Culture House. In the years 1974-1991 he worked at the P這ck Theater as a specialist in theatrical craft and head of the painting and modeling studio. During this time, he made stage designs for the plays of R鏏my Swoje i ζweczka. In 1986 he was awarded the Badage of the Cultural Merit. He was the owner of the Advertising Agency and the Via-Art-City  Publishing House in P這ck. He belonged to the Polish Association of Graphic Designers at the Artists' Union - Polish Decorative Art. 
Lakomski made his debut as a writer in 2006 with the book Eighty pages around P這ck, awarded with the President of the City of P這ck.

Major awards:
-award for recognition of The Polish American Congress of the Copernicus Stamp project for the US Post  Office - 1973
-distinction in the poster competition of the 10th World Youth and Student Festival in Berlin - 1973
-main award in the 1st National Sacrum Art Competition in contemporary Polish art- 1979
-Honorable Mention at the 15th Key Art Awards- The Hollywood Reporter- 1986


ζkomski posters:            pricelist

star wars poster

Imperium kontratakuje
The Empire Strikes Back
Gary Kurtz,  George Lucas
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie, 2021R
size B1 price 40
signed by artist

e-t poster

E. T.
The Extra-Terrestrial
Spielberg S.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; 2016R; size B1
signed by artist
price: 40

war games

Gry wojenne
Badham J.
Broderick M.,  Coleman D.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie, 2018R; size B1
signed by artist
price: 40

raiders of the lost ark

Poszukiwacze zaginionej Arki
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Spielberg S.

Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; 2015R; size B1
signed by artist
price: 40

moonstruck poster

Wp造w Ksi篹yca
Jewison N.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; size B1 
1989 - price: 100
2016R - price: 40

travels of mr kleks

Podr騜e Pana Kleksa
Travels of Mr. Kleks
Fronczewski P., Ostrowska M.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; 2016R; size B1
price: 40

blues brothers poster

The Blues Brothers
Landis J.
Belushi J.,  Aykroyd D.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; 2018R; size B1
signed by artist
price: 40


czarodziejski las poster

Czarodziejski las
Cudesna suma
The Elm Chanted Forest
Blazekovic M., Hreljanovic D.
Miroslaw Lakomski
movie; 1989; size B1
price: 70

swietoszek poster

Miroslaw Lakomski
theater; 1985; size B1
price: 30


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