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   Roman Kalarus Born in 1951 in Katowice, Poland. Studied graphics at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He's currently a professor there, leads the author's Poster Studio. He cultivates poster, woodcut colourful, collage, drawing, painting and design. He received many awards and honors in competitions in poster and graphics, including two times Grand Prix in Polish Poster Biennale in 1995 and in 2001, 1st prize on Poster Festival in Kraków in 2001, bronze medal at biennial of graphic in Brno (Czech Republic) in 1990 and Poster Triennial in Toyamie (Japan) in 2003. 

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Roman Kalarus
promotion; size B1
price: 50 €

Art-Expo Los Angeles
Roman Kalarus
price: 63 €

Polnische Woche
Roman Kalarus
1995; size B1
price: 100 €

Naprawde krotki film
o milosci, zabijaniu
i jeszcze jednym przykazaniu
Tres breve histoire de meurtre,
de sentiment et d'un autre
Z. Zamachowski, M. Czajka
Roman Kalarus
movie Poland; size B1
price: 63 €

Club Polnischen
Klub Polskich
Roman Kalarus
size B1
price: 40 €

Expo Sevilla
Roman Kalarus
event; 1992; size B1
price: 15 €

Postmodernizm w kinie
Postmodernism in cinema
Roman Kalarus
exhibition; 2016; size B1
price: 88 €

Hexen Hexen
Kunze M.
Roman Kalarus
price: 60 €

CSCE Symposium
on the Cultural Heritage
Roman Kalarus
promotion; 1991
price: 88 €

Dni Szwedzkie w Polsce
Swedish days in Poland
Roman Kalarus
price: 75 €

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