Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski

poster long night in 1943, dluga noc 1943, onegin dabrowski

Dluga noc 1943
La Lunga notte del '43
Long Night in 1943
 Florestano Vancini
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie, Italia; 1961; size A1
price: 200 €

poster commandos, komandosi, onegin dabrowski

Armando Crispino
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie; 1973, size A1
price: 250 €

poster night, notte, noc, onegin dabrowski

La Notte
The Night
Michelangelo Antonioni
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
movie; 1966 size A1
price: 450 €

poster passing through moscow, przejazdem w moskwie, onegin dabrowski

Przejazdem w Moskwie
V Moskve proyezdom
Passing Through Moscow
Ilja Gurin
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie, Russia; 1971, size A1
price: 100 €

poster let's have a brainwash, rogopag, onegin dabrowski

Laviamoci il cervello
Let's Have a Brainwash
J.L. Godard, R. Rossellini,
P.P. Pasolini, U. Gregoretti
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie ITA/FRA; 1973, size A1
price: 300 €

poster italian brigands, sycylijscy rozbojnicy, onegin dabrowski

Rozbojnicy sycylijscy
I briganti italiani
The Italian Brigands
Mario Camerini
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie, Italia; 1970, size A1
price: 125 €

poster inheritance, spadek, onegin dabrowski

La Herencia
The Inheritance
Ricardo Alventosa 
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie, Argentina; 1966; size A1
price: 200 €

poster yesterday today tomorrow, wczoraj dziœ jutro, onegin dabrowski

Wczoraj, dzis, jutro
Leri oggi domani
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Vittorio de Sica
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie ITA/FRA; 1967; size A1
price: 375 €

poster cul de sac, matnia, andrzej onegin dabrowski

Cul de sac
Roman Polanski
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
 movie; 1967; size A1

Sami swoi
Kowalski W., Hañcza W.
Andrzej Onegin Dabrowski
movie; 1970; size A1
price: 400 €


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