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   Roman Cieslewicz (1930-1996). 1949-54 studied at Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Specialized in poster and display designing. Worked as book and magazine designer. Since 1962 lived in France where he worked as art director of "Vogue", "Elle" and "Mafia" - advertising agency. He was artistic creator of "Opus International" and "Kitsch". Member of AGI [International Graphic Association].
   Major awards: Grand Prix at International Exhibition of Film Posters in Karlove Vary, Czech Republic; Gold Medal at 1st Biennial of Industrial Forms in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (1964); Gold Medal at 4th International Biennial of Posters in Warsaw (1972); Grand Prix for posters in Paris (1979); Bronze Medal at International Biennial of Posters (1984); Grand Prix of "Art Graphique" (1990); Excellence Prize at Biennial of Graphic in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (1991); President Price at Biennial of Applied Graphic in Brno, Slovakia (1992).

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Diabeł z mlynskiego
Teufel vom
Mühlenberg, Der
Ballmann H. Rey F.
Roman Cieslewicz
movie; 1955; size B1
price: 1000 €

Cudowny Mandaryn
The Miraculous Mandarin
B. Bartok
Roman Cieslewicz
opera; 1965; size B1
price: 500 €

A. Mickiewicz
Roman Cieslewicz
theater; 1967, size B1
price: 200 €

Diably z Loudun
The Devils of Loudun
Penderecki K.
Roman Cieslewicz
opera;  size B1
1974 price: 200 €
1984R price: 75 €

J. W. Goethe
Roman Cieslewicz
theater; 1988; size B1
price: 90 €

Oedipus Rex
I. Stravinsky
Roman Cieslewicz
opera; 1961; size B1
price: 450 €

K. Szymanowski
Roman Cieslewicz
ballet; 1966; size B1
price: 900 €

Cyrk; Psy
Circus; Dogs
Roman Cieslewicz
circus; 1966; size B1
price: 400 €

cieslewicz poster

Panny z Wilka
The maids of Wilko
Roman Cieslewicz
movie; 1979; size B1
price: 63 €

Sprawa Dantona
The Danton Case
Przybyszewska S.
Roman Cieslewicz
theater; 1974; size B1
price: 95 €

poster carnival night, noc sylwestrowa, roman cieslewicz

Noc Sylwestrowa
Karnavalnaya noch
Carnival Night
Eldar Riazanow
Roman Cieslewicz
movie, Russia; 1957; size A1
price: 1000 €

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