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Hommage a Chagall - Sadowski

Hommage a Chagall
Tribute to Chagall
Wiktor Sadowski
commemorative; 1998; size B1

hommage a vincent; stasys

Hommage a Vincent
Tribute to Van Gogh
Stasys Eidrigevicius
commemorative; 1990; size B1

promotion - olbinski - leonardo

Hommage a Leanardo
Rafal Olbinski
commemorative; 1999; size B1

hommage a salvador dali - walkuski

Hommage a Salvador Dali
Tribute to Dali
Wieslaw Walkuski
commemorative; 2000; size B1

poster - T. Lautrec - Gorowski

T. Lautrec - Wielcy tworcy plakatu
T. Lautrec - Masters of Poster
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
event; 1988, 1990; size B1

poster - picasso - gorowski

Picasso II
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
commemorative; 1995; size B1

poster - picasso - gorowski

Mieczyslaw Gorowski
commemorative; 1992; size B1

Pasolini - Fabulazione

Pasolini - Fabulazione
Roman Cieslewicz
movie; 1984; size B1

Alfred Hitchcock, films of 1929 - 1938

Alfred Hitchcock, filmy z lat 1929-38
Alfred Hitchcock, films of 1929-38
Waldemar Swierzy
movie; 1988; size B1

Hommage a Salvadore Dali

Hommage a Salvador Dali
Tribute to Salvador Dali
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
commemorative; 1999; size B1

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