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   Jan Lenica (1928-2001) Graduate of Architecture Faculty at the Warsaw Polytechnic. Specialized in poster, graphic design, book illustration, stage design and since 1957 in animated films. Author of numerous articles and books on poster art. Author of the term "Polish School of Poster". Professor at the Harvard University, Cambridge MA 1974 and Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin 1986-1994.
   Major awards: Toulouse Lautrec Grand Prix at the International Exhibition of Film Posters, Versailles, France, 1961; 1st and 3rd Prize at the International Exhibition of Film Posters in Karlove Wary, Czech Republic, 1962; Gold Medal at the 1st International Biennial of Posters in Warsaw, 1966; Grand Prix at the Polish Poster Biennial, Katowice, Poland, 1999. Numerous awards for animated films and book illustrations.

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A. Berg
Jan Lenica
theater; size B1
1964 price: 2000
1979R price: 250

Gorace serce
Warm heart
Kazanski G.
Jan Lenica
movie, SU; 1953; size A1
price: 450

Affiches Cinema
D'animation Galeria
Jan Lenica
silk-screen printing
exhibition; 1985; size A1

Krol Lear
King Lear
Jan Lenica
theater; 2001; size B1
price: 45


Jan Lenica
theatre; 1958; size A1
price: 700

Po tamtej stronie chmur
Beyond the Clouds
M. Antonioni
Jan Lenica
movie; 1996; size B1
price: 65

Gounod Charles
Jan Lenica
opera; size B1
1965 price: 750
1979R price: 75

Malzenstwo Kreczynskiego
Kreczynski's marriage
Zolotnicki A.
Jan Lenica
movie, SU; 1953; size A1
price: 700

Brama nr 6
Gate nr 6
Lu Pan
Jan Lenica
movie, China; 1954; size A1
price: 1200

Cena strachu
The Wages of Fear
La Salaire de la peur
Clousot H.G., Montand Y.
Jan Lenica
movie, France, 1968R; size A1
price: 550

Richard Wagner
Jan Lenica
opera; 1992; size B1
price: 65

Expo Sevilla
1482 - 1982
Jan Lenica
event; 1992; size B1
price: 75

poster an eye for an eye, oeil pour oeil, oko za oko, jan lenica

Oko za oko
An eye for an eye
Oeil pour oeil
Cayatte A. Jurgens C.
Jan Lenica
movie, Fra-Ita
1958; size A1
price: 1000

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