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   Eryk Lipiński (1908-1991). Graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts 1934. Founder and Chief Editor of Polish satyrical weekly magazine "Szpilki". During the World War II active member of the antinazi resistance, arrested for production of false documents, prisoner of Auschwitz. In 1978 founded Caricature Museum in Warsaw and was its director till 1991. His major awards include: 1948 - seven 1st prizes at the International Poster Exhibition in Vienna; 1964 - 1st prize for the best political poster of 1963; 1981 - "Distinguished Artist of the Year 1980" of The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Participated in International Poster Biennial Warsaw 1966-78 and numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad (Prague, London, Berlin, Vienna).

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Wracajcie Lipinski

Wracajcie do ojczyzny
Come back to homeland
Lipinski Eryk
propag. 1955; size 68x48cm

Isadora; Reisz

Reisz K., Redgrave V.
movie; 1970; size A1

The Day of the Jackal - Zinneman F.

Dzień szakala
The Day of the Jackal
Zinneman F., Fox E.
movie; 1975; size A1

Planet of the Apes

Planeta Małp
Planet of the Apes
Schaffner F.J.
movie; 1969; size A1

Spekulant, Lipinski

Lipinski Eryk
political; 1950; size B1

anna karenina - movie poster

Anna Karenina
Zarchi A.
movie; 1968; size A1

Reivers - Lipinski

Rydell M., McQueen S.
movie; 1977; A1

giulietta i duchy - fellini

Giulietta i duchy
Giulietta degli spiriti
Fellini F., Masina G.
movie; 1968; size A1

David Copperfield - movie poster

David Copperfield
Mann D.
movie; 1972; size A1

Monte Carlo or Bust - movie poster

Ci wspaniali młodzieńcy w
swych szalejących gruchotach
Monte Carlo or Bust
Annakin K., Curtis T.
movie; 1971; size A1

Baza ludzi umarlych

Baza ludzi umarłych
Petelski Cz. Karewicz E.
Niemczyk L., Łomnicki T.
movie; 1959; size B1


Passendorfer J.
movie; 1958; size A1

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