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credit cards accepted ORDERS - we accept credit cards (Visa, MC, Diners, American Express) and bank money transfers (if you choose bank transfer 3 Euro will be added to your total). To order posters please use our ORDERFORM (it opens in separate browser window). You can submit it directly from your browser or use ''PRINT'' icon to print the content and send a letter to: Galeria Plakatu, Piwna St 28/30, 00-265 Warsaw, Poland.

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SHIPPING - books are delivered by registered mail in cardboard boxes (category A in description) or special protecting envelopes (category B). Mailing cost depends on weight of books and destination country. In descriptions of books you will find the weight and category. If you want to order more than one book add their weight plus appropriate packaging weight depending on category. If you choose books from both categories use stronger (category A) box.

DISCOUNTS - if you order 5 books (same or different titles) 5% discount will be applied to their value, if you order 6 or more books 10% discount will be applied to their value.

  D E S T I N A T I O N
Table explanations

shipping methods

airmail delivery takes
from 4-7 days (Europe)
to 2 weeks (Australia)

express - courier
(EMS International)
for large or valuable orders
online tracking available
from 2 (Europe)
to 5 days (Australia)

add for packaging
0.25kg for category A
0.15kg for category B
Europe USA, Canada
New Zealand
up to 1kg 5 €uro 6 €uro 8 €uro 14 €uro

1 to 2 kg 8 €uro 13 €uro 17 €uro 28 €uro

2 to 3kg 10 €uro 18 €uro 21 €uro 33 €uro

3 to 4kg 12 €uro 20 €uro 24 €uro 35 €uro

4 to 5kg 14 €uro 22 €uro 27 €uro 39 €uro

If your order's weight exceeds 5kg please send an e-mail inquiry specifying titles and amount of books as well as your destination country and preferred shipping method.