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   Jan Młodożeniec (1929-2000)
Master of Polish poster design. Graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Specialized in book and magazine lay-out, studio graphic work, and since 1953 in poster.
Major awards: Honorary Mention at National Exhibition of Book Illustration, Posters and Small Graphic Forms in Warsaw; award at 1st National Biennial of Posters in Katowice, 1965; First Price at 2nd Biennial of Applied Graphic in Brno, 1966; Silver and Bronze Medals at 4th and 7th National Biennial of Posters in Katowice (in 1971 and 1977 respectively); Silver Medals at International Book Fairs in Leipzig, East Germany (1965 and 1971); Gold Medal at 8th International Biennial of Posters in Warsaw (1980); Gold Medal at 5th International Biennial of Posters in Lahti, Finland (1983).

Jan Mlodozeniec
Poster Books

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Blue Velvet
Lynch D.
MacLachlan K. Rossellini I.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, US; 1987
price: 300 €
size B1

Czyz nie dobija się koni
They Shoot Horses, Don't They
Pollack S. Fonda J.
York S. Sarrasin M.
Mlodozeniec Jan
movie; 1971
price: 125 €, size A1

Hitchcock A.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, US; 1977
price: 120 €
size A1

Saint Jack
Bogdanovich P.
Gazzara B. Lazenby G.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, US; 1983
price: 120 €
size B1

Powrót do domu
Coming Home
Ashby H. Fonda J.
Voight J.Carradine R.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, US; 1978
price: 120 €
size B1

Cyrk; Klown z trąbką
Clown with a Trumpet
Jan Mlodozeniec
circus poster
price: 55 €
size B1

Cyrk; Klown z kapeluszem
Clown with a Hat
Jan Mlodozeniec
circus poster
price: 50 €
size B1

Kobieta w kapeluszu
Woman in a Hat
Rozewicz S.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, Poland; 1984
price: 50 €
size B1

Wyprawa w przeszłość
Journey to the Beginning of Time
(Cesta do praveku)
Zeman K.
Jan Mlodozeniec
movie, Czech.; 1956
price: 350 €
size A1

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